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Sortex - systems development LTD

Sortex is a software outsourcing company which consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. Bringing many years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and practices in Internet development we are helping companies achieve their goal in building high-end enterprise solutions for their Internet products. Sortex provides in-house & outsourcing solutions for start-up companies,...


At Sortex we provide internet related services and solutions, for advanced technical requirements. We provide outsourcing planning & development services, as well as websites creation using our in-house solution, an advanced website manager called Kala. You are welcome to review our services and contact us regarding any question.  


Sortex provides web based solutions for businesses and start-up companies. Websites & E-commerce setup with mobile support, Tailored and ready-to-use CRM and ERP online platfrom, Outsource development of big data information systems and API layers. At Sortex we aim for customer satisfaction and pleasant service above all.   We provide world class web development services...

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast Sortex provided us many solutions during past years. from informative website, to full e-commerce website integrated with multiple CRMs. Service was always prompt and professional. Change requests were released in fast deployment sprints with very low amount of bugs. For conclusion, if you choose Sortex, you probably gonna end up smiling!

Yehuda Hofri - CTO, Appoxee

Yehuda Hofri - CTO, Appoxee We contacted Sortex which was highly endorsed by professional colleges and we fell in love on first sight. Sortex is constructed of great people who love their work and produce great product. Sortex also helped us conducting a well structured development platform, using services and tools which were customed for our specific workflows requirements. Highly recommended!

Websites Development

We provide websites development services and full solution, using our in-house CMS - Kala. We hold vast expirince in the websites management area, from simple informative websites, to complicated e-commerce online webstores. Sortex team is trained to receive specific requirements from customers and ask the right questions, in order to provide estimation & development plan. Our...

Moshe Tshuva, Co-founder - Sweesh

Moshe Tshuva, Co-founder - Sweesh Sortex developed our product for almost a year. during that time we had many planning sessions which helped us concentrate on required behavior, rather than waste precious development time. thanks for everything! we will definitely be doing business together any time soon.


Innovative technologies and tools are no strangers to us, we deal with challenging projects on daily basis. Sortex provides solutions to many business companies who requires advanced management system, or any other Internet solution. All products developed By Sortex have high standards and are maintained in orde to keep global standards.

Development platform Consult & Setup

Throughout time, we managed to match a development type for various project types, we've learned the different requirements and created a development team to deliver optimal results. We are using top of the edge tools, like Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Sentry and much more, in order to form a complete development system. We carry out training and management development team for...

Ethan halevi, Product Director - Ongage

Ethan halevi, Product Director - Ongage Sortex proven to be the best team I have ever worked with. They provided a full solution and made sure to take care of all related aspects, leaving nothing between chairs. Thanks to Sortex I was able to sleep quiet at nights, knowing there is a powerful team of ninjas on my side...

Amit Palomo, CEO - blobix app

Amit Palomo, CEO - blobix app Sortex developed a full blown Administration panel for blobix mobile app. The final results were amazing, better than the original plan I had in mind. Big thanks to the talented team at Sortex for helping me achieve the goals right on time!

Mobile & Tablet support

Mobile & Tablet device users count is constantly increased significantly in recent years, reaching more than 50 % in certain locations. According to various estimates, by 2015 the number of mobile platforms browsing the web will be largeer than the desktop platform users. Fourth of this mobile platform users are from the United States, and more than 51 % of mobile owners have smartphones....

Research and Development Outsourcing

Sortex offer professional outsource reseach & development  and product management services, with on-going communication and weekly reports. we're interfacing with our clients dev and market teams through our enterprise collaboration tools in order to preserve a productive flow. Each project is characterized carefully following a series of meetings and in-depth analysis of the...


Ongage Ongage is a saas service that let marketers enjoy one system that migrate multiple ESPs at once. this give new abilities to manage complicated Email & SMS campaigns. The frontend, which is developed and maintained by Sortex, include complicated interfaces and forms that embed lots of UI & UX expierience. Website: (Free 30 days trial is offered)


Above professional service, Sortex customers enjoy warm and personal treatment. You are welcome to review some testimonials from our customers.