Mobile & Tablet support

Mobile & Tablet device users count is constantly increased significantly in recent years, reaching more than 50 % in certain locations. According to various estimates, by 2015 the number of mobile platforms browsing the web will be largeer than the desktop platform users. Fourth of this mobile platform users are from the United States, and more than 51 % of mobile owners have smartphones.

Many sites today are not well designed for viewing in Mobile or Tablet, causing damage to the success and surfing experience of those websites. Average user would prefer to leave sites that requires zoom in and out on each page.

Any website created by Sortex today, is optimized to be used also with Mobile or Tablet devices. Sortex provides responsive web design that contain the same content as the original but designed for mobile. The website design is adjusted for mobile content without the need for additional software or having different content than shown for desktop users.

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Samples of websites made by Kala which are supported by Mobile & Tablet devices: