Development platform Consult & Setup

Throughout time, we managed to match a development type for various project types, we've learned the different requirements and created a development team to deliver optimal results.

We are using top of the edge tools, like Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Sentry and much more, in order to form a complete development system.

We carry out training and management development team for our customers, in order to help them use of the tools and practices for best results.

Sortex provide consultancy service for the planning and architectural strategies and compilation of accompanying documents.
Off-Site Support. Sortex provides an online Wiki with information gradually accumulated from planning and architecture components. It will also contain general knowledge about technologies and programming methodologies and practices.
Sample of solutions we provide as part of this service:
  • Dashboards - used by product owners for monitoring project progress
  • Agile Plan/Work boards - Plan & Work on development tasks
  • Custom Developer tools
  • QA Testing - Tools & Test plans
  • Continues Integration with Jenkins, Github & more
  • Environments separation - Staging / Integration / Production 
  • Deployment tools and strategy
  • Sprints Post-mortem - reports & analysis