Research and Development Outsourcing

Sortex offer professional outsource reseach & development  and product management services, with on-going communication and weekly reports. we're interfacing with our clients dev and market teams through our enterprise collaboration tools in order to preserve a productive flow.

Each project is characterized carefully following a series of meetings and in-depth analysis of the business requirements & flows. The characterization later divide into milestones, which togerther with customer are being arrange according to their importance.

The development flow include deployments to staging environment where work can be well tested before released to production. this allows our customers to have updted vision of the on-going progress. We provide dedicated project manager that will make sure to lead all teams to custome's desired goals.

We use high end collaboration & management tools like JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and more, which are self hosted and customized with our own Sortex Agile flow.