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Innovative technologies and tools are no strangers to us, we deal with challenging projects on daily basis. Sortex provides solutions to many business companies who requires advanced management system, or any other Internet solution. All products developed By Sortex have high standards and are maintained in orde to keep global standards.

Buy Property In Israel

Buy Property In Israel BPII is a successful real estate website, that target international people that have interest in Israel real estate properties. The site include an advanced search engine of properties from existing local database. The site also include a management system which allows to manage the offered properties and property leads. In addition, the site contains a closed system for agents that can manage...


Effective work is essential for customer satisfaction. We are able to meet tight deadlines and respond quickly to changes and troubleshooting in real time. To do this we use advanced tools that provides documentation, planning and performing tasks in an orderly manner. We also provide direct communication tools like HipChat, enabling management of direct dialogue or discussion groups, to...

Kala - Website manager

Kala - Website manager Kala is an innovative Website manager that contains advanced CMS features, and allows non technical users create and manage websites on their own. It is user friendly and fun to use and was developed to be SEO friendly. Trial is free! Try it now and create you own website With Kala you can easily create landing pages, informative websites, catalog websites, social website, E-commerce and any...


At Sortex we provide internet related services and solutions, for advanced technical requirements. We provide outsourcing planning & development services, as well as websites creation using our in-house solution, an advanced website manager called Kala. You are welcome to review our services and contact us regarding any question.