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Sortex is a software outsourcing company which consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. Bringing many years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and practices in Internet development we are helping companies achieve their goal in building high-end enterprise solutions for their Internet products. Sortex provides in-house & outsourcing solutions for start-up companies,...

Tools & Services for websites

During our work, we used and investigated many tools and services that supply solutions for websites owners and develoeprs. We believe in sharing valuable information so we listed them all in our website for the benefit of all. Feel free to contact us for help regarding installing or configuring any of the tools mentioned below.


Among our customers you can find Start-up companies that used our research & development services, consulting, servers management, development platform setup and more services that helped them release a world class products or services. You can also find some small and medium businesses who enjoy flexible internet websites powered by our Kala CMS


At Sortex we provide internet related services and solutions, for advanced technical requirements. We provide outsourcing planning & development services, as well as websites creation using our in-house solution, an advanced website manager called Kala. You are welcome to review our services and contact us regarding any question.  


You can contact us about any subject using the form below. In case you are interested in a price quote, go to proposal request form


Sortex provides web based solutions for businesses and start-up companies. Websites & E-commerce setup with mobile support, Tailored and ready-to-use CRM and ERP online platfrom, Outsource development of big data information systems and API layers. At Sortex we aim for customer satisfaction and pleasant service above all.   We provide world class web development services...

Kala - Website manager

Kala - Website manager Kala is an innovative Website manager that contains advanced CMS features, and allows non technical users create and manage websites on their own. It is user friendly and fun to use and was developed to be SEO friendly. Trial is free! Try it now and create you own website With Kala you can easily create landing pages, informative websites, catalog websites, social website, E-commerce and any...

HTML Developer

Job Description HTML Developer Requirements 2-3 years of WEB develop expirience Knowledge in the field of HTML, XHTML, CSS. GUI implementation expirience and UX understanding Pros - Bootstrap & LESS - JS, AJAX, PHP - Linux

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast Sortex provided us many solutions during past years. from informative website, to full e-commerce website integrated with multiple CRMs. Service was always prompt and professional. Change requests were released in fast deployment sprints with very low amount of bugs. For conclusion, if you choose Sortex, you probably gonna end up smiling!

Hotel Principe Delle Nevi

Hotel Principe Delle Nevi Principe Delle Nevi is a luxury hotel that offers a wide range of activities at the snow-capped mountains in northern Italy. It is built on Kala system, and it has a full responsive design the fits any screen size (for phones, tablet and any small screen). The website is translated to another language - Italian. Both languages pages are managed with the same administration system....

Free images and videos for any use

Free images and videos for any use We've collected the best free sources for images and videos that could be used anywhere, including business use. Use this in order to enhance your website design, newsletter or anything else - it is all up to you and all is allowed.

Local storage vs. Cookies: What's the difference?

Sometimes web pages are more than just static sources of information; sometimes they want to interact with and know something about their useres. In order to do this websites need to store data locally on the client-side. The solution for this for a while has been cookies, which are small text-files that storename:value pairs and are stored in bowels of a user's machine. Since the inception of...


Effective work is essential for customer satisfaction. We are able to meet tight deadlines and respond quickly to changes and troubleshooting in real time. To do this we use advanced tools that provides documentation, planning and performing tasks in an orderly manner. We also provide direct communication tools like HipChat, enabling management of direct dialogue or discussion groups, to...


Our team is always here to help and answer any question or new demands. You can contact us through any multiple communication channels or tools we'll provide for you, and recieve a quick answer / solution.