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Hotjar - Tracking your website visitor's behavior

Hotjar - Tracking your website visitor's behavior ​​Hotjar is an analytics tool that lets you see how visitors behave on your website. It records every website visitor action in order to learn and tell how to better convert your visitors into customers. Hotjar provides marketing oriented features and insights that will help you improve your website’s content and design to drive more traffic. Insights gathered by this tool are stored...

Kala - Website manager

Kala - Website manager Kala is an innovative Website manager that contains advanced CMS features, and allows non technical users create and manage websites on their own. It is user friendly and fun to use and was developed to be SEO friendly. Trial is free! Try it now and create you own website With Kala you can easily create landing pages, informative websites, catalog websites, social website, E-commerce and any...

Tools & Services for websites

During our work, we used and investigated many tools and services that supply solutions for websites owners and develoeprs. We believe in sharing valuable information so we listed them all in our website for the benefit of all. Feel free to contact us for help regarding installing or configuring any of the tools mentioned below.

WEB Developer

Job Description - PHP development in MVC patterns   Requirements - 2-3 Years of PHP 5+ development expirience - Practical OOP knowledge - Javascript, HTML, CSS - Databases (MySQL / PostgresSQL)   Pros - Kohana Framework - Version Source Control - Linux as workstation or server - Photoshop

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Websites Development

We provide websites development services and full solution, using our in-house CMS - Kala. We hold vast expirince in the websites management area, from simple informative websites, to complicated e-commerce online webstores. Sortex team is trained to receive specific requirements from customers and ask the right questions, in order to provide estimation & development plan. Our...


4-Women 4-Women by Dr. David Soriano provides access to extensive content by patients and potential customers. The site nicely emphasize the medical team capabilities and availability of each one of them. The site support communication with it's users by asking questions or medical staff appointment scheduling through the website. Doctor's website: http://www.4-women.co.il

API layer development

API layer offers a decoupled interface to functionality and data of one or more applications. It provides a known protocol for interacting with an application. REST API is the most preferred way of publishing an API and we are nowadays we can see how it influence enterprise behavior. Sampls of use API layer use cases: Expose your service to developers to be used via API Have a mobile...


Appoxee Appoxee is a powerfull platform for Mobile applications, that give communication abilities between app owner and his device users by implementing SDK. The SDK let app developers create a rich inbox among other app tools. Appoxee support their customers (app owners) with a user friendly admin panel, which let segmentize the devices and target them with push notification / rich messages cmpaigns....

Buy Property In Israel

Buy Property In Israel BPII is a successful real estate website, that target international people that have interest in Israel real estate properties. The site include an advanced search engine of properties from existing local database. The site also include a management system which allows to manage the offered properties and property leads. In addition, the site contains a closed system for agents that can manage...


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Among our customers you can find Start-up companies that used our research & development services, consulting, servers management, development platform setup and more services that helped them release a world class products or services. You can also find some small and medium businesses who enjoy flexible internet websites powered by our Kala CMS


Ecopolitan Ecopolitan is an activity & information health portal. The portal allow users to register as members and do many actions like setting up appointments or register for online course and test in order to get certified. Main sections in the portal are being maintained by website members themselves, who have power to manage pages. The website will be exposed to surfers in the next month.

FastStone - Free screen capture software

FastStone - Free screen capture software FastStone Screen Capture is a software for Windows-based computer that enables the user to easily capture any part of their computer screen which includes windows, objects, menus, full screen and many more.  This software also allows the user to send captures to edit, file, clipboard, printer, email or simply upload them in the website. The user can also edit them by adding texts, arrowed...


FlyEast We developed multiple solutions for Flyeast, such as CRM, Flights & Hotels search engines, Booking & Reservations system, and Fully interactive set of websites that all it's output is synchronized into CRM. The system integrates with a large number of external service providers.

Free images and videos for any use

Free images and videos for any use We've collected the best free sources for images and videos that could be used anywhere, including business use. Use this in order to enhance your website design, newsletter or anything else - it is all up to you and all is allowed.