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GlyphSearch - Free icons search

GlyphSearch - Free icons search Search for icons from Font Awesome, Glyphicons, IcoMoon, Ionicons, Octicons and Foundation. The website let you quick search icons with auto-complete feature. you can filter by icon pack if you wish, and clicking one of the results will copy it's class to clipboard.

Research and Development Outsourcing

Sortex offer professional outsource reseach & development  and product management services, with on-going communication and weekly reports. we're interfacing with our clients dev and market teams through our enterprise collaboration tools in order to preserve a productive flow. Each project is characterized carefully following a series of meetings and in-depth analysis of the...


Appoxee Appoxee is a powerfull platform for Mobile applications, that give communication abilities between app owner and his device users by implementing SDK. The SDK let app developers create a rich inbox among other app tools. Appoxee support their customers (app owners) with a user friendly admin panel, which let segmentize the devices and target them with push notification / rich messages cmpaigns....


Ongage Ongage is a saas service that let marketers enjoy one system that migrate multiple ESPs at once. this give new abilities to manage complicated Email & SMS campaigns. The frontend, which is developed and maintained by Sortex, include complicated interfaces and forms that embed lots of UI & UX expierience. Website: http://www.ongage.com (Free 30 days trial is offered)

Google Tag Manager - Remotely control Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager - Remotely control Google Analytics Want to focus on marketing instead of marketing technology? Google Tag Manager lets you add or update your website tags and mobile applications, easily and for free, whenever you want, without bugging the IT folks. All you need is a Google Account and some time to review the options.


Sweesh Sweesh is a platform for distributing carrier and monitization products combined in a way that combine multiple advertisers and publishers in a way that benefits all. Sweesh is using complicated algorithems to match suitable products and ads for each end customer, ending up with great converion rates and happy customers. Website: http://www.sweesh.com

Google Analytics for E-commerce

Google Analytics for E-commerce Add a “Google Analytics” tag and choose the “Track Type” of Transaction. All the transaction information should be passed via the data layer. Variable Name Description Type transactionId (Required) Unique transaction identifier string transactionAffiliation (Optional) Partner or store string transactionTotal (Required)...

Royalty free images for download

Royalty free images for download Every website have to include images in order to look good. it is not allowed by law to download and use pictures in your website, without purchasing it or confirmation from it's owner. But there are many websites and services which come to help website owners, and are giving away royalty free images, which you can download and use in your website without any charge, totaly free.

PlaceIt - Screenshot in multiple devices

PlaceIt - Screenshot in multiple devices Great service that will help you create great website and mobile app screenshots on one of the models: Ipad, laptop, Iphone, Android, Laptop, more... You choose the model, choose the background, upload or drop your image, and you get a cool screenshot to show off on your website or any other press release. The screenshots can be downloaded and used for free.

Intro - step-by-step guide tool

Intro - step-by-step guide tool Easy to Use Just include the js and css files and add data-step and data-intro to your code. Fast & Small  4 KB JavaScript and 2.5 KB CSS (gzip). That's all. Free & Open-Source Free and open-source (including commercial use). Published under MIT license. Keyboard + Mouse navigation Ability to navigate with the mouse, or the keyboard - ←, →, ENTER and ESC...

Landing Page creation

Create & publish landing pages using  Kala as a landing page builder tool, made for marketers. We provide essential features that give full control over pages content and elements, as well as statistical measurement tools & analytics information.  There is no need for any technical knowledge or skills, the interface is user friendly and can be used by anyone.

Real Dreams

Real Dreams Real Dreams is a real estate projects index, that provide visitors with the ability to register ongoing projects. Each project is managed by a project owner, who have member access to manage his page and contents.

MailChimp - Sending newsletter emails to your subscribers

MailChimp - Sending newsletter emails to your subscribers MailChimp and provide designed email templates accessibility for everyone. MailChimp templates tailored for all types of devices - PCs , laptops & tablets. With MailChimp can send up to 12 thousand e-mails a month, to a distribution list of up to 2,000 subscribers, for free! For a larger mailing list, there is an additional price for each 500 additional subscribers.

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Hotjar - Tracking your website visitor's behavior

Hotjar - Tracking your website visitor's behavior ​​Hotjar is an analytics tool that lets you see how visitors behave on your website. It records every website visitor action in order to learn and tell how to better convert your visitors into customers. Hotjar provides marketing oriented features and insights that will help you improve your website’s content and design to drive more traffic. Insights gathered by this tool are stored...


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